God Help The Girl

Last night I watch the film God Help The Girl (2014) written and directed by Stuart Murdoch (of Belle & Sebastian fame) and starring Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, A Series Of Unfortunate Events), Olly Alexander (from the band Years & Years) and Hannah Murray (Skins). I had heard of this film when it was released but have only just got round to seeing it.

The musical drama tells the story of Eve, a girl struggling to overcome mental health issues. She finds solace in music and song writing. Over the course of the film we see her summer as she makes friends, forms a band and explore Scotland through day trips.

There’s a definite indie “hipster” feel to the film. The stylised retro aspects of the production design were visually great and agreed with the style of pop music that the character’s were making. How I would love some of those outfits. It has some interesting cinematography and editing styles reminiscent of old early music videos. However, while the sudden brief occasions of 35mm film shots and retro filters fit with this type of aesthetic, their was something not quite right with it within the film in my opinion.

If I had seen this back in 2009 when I was 15 it would have been brilliant in my eyes. Back then I was in love with 500 Days Of Summer and with vintage styles becoming more popular. I was just beginning to discover indie music, and this film does have a great soundtrack that works well within the narrative. It was a watch-able film but there was something missing. I personally feel like parts of the plot weren’t strong enough, there were a few sections of the film where I didn’t feel that interested.

Good film, I enjoyed it but I probably won’t be re-watching it. At least not for a while.
I will be listening to the soundtrack again though. If you like indie pop music, vintage styles and coming of age dramas this might be for you.

God Help The Girl

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